9 Superheroes and Villains With Major Bank

There are things that stayed the same throughout the years, and one of them is the obsession over stories of superheroes, and, well, villains too. The latter cannot be removed out of the picture, because after all, what are superheroes without their nemeses, right?

For generations, stories of these heroes who may seem fantastically larger-than-life, but whose issues can be all too real and relatable have engaged children and stayed with them all the way through adulthood. Admit it, comic-con or no comic-con, some of us have cosplayed way beyond our teen years.

We all have our favorite superheroes and villains. People usually admire them because of their super powers, their looks, fantastic costumes, or their specific traits. There’s another thing to gush about: some of these villains and superheroes usually also have LOTS of money.

Thinking about it, they must really be filthy rich to have cash to spend for their cool gadgets and various missions. Think Tony Stark, for example. As you know, Stark Industries is a successful company that specializes in weapons and various inventions. This is where he gets his dough. His estimated net worth? A staggering $12.4 billion!

Aside from Tony Stark, there are other villains and superheroes that like him, are also super wealthy: Batman, Professor X, Lex Luthor… the list goes on. We know you’re curious if your favorite character made it on the list and how much their net worth is. We got that covered in this infographic.

Get to know these powerful and rich characters in this eye-catching illustration:

9 Superheroes and Villains With Major Bank