Popularity of TV Show Smallville


The TV show Smallville was highly popular on the WB network. There was a great audience for this show on TV. Clark Kent is usually a fictional character on the TV series Smallville. The character of Clark Kent was first made in the comic books that were created by Jerry Siegel in the year 1938. They had the different identity of Superman. It was made in TV in the year 2001 by Alfred Gough.

This is the fourth time the character was taken to the action TV series. The character was played in continuation by Tom Welling. There were other actors also that played Clark as a child. There was existence of character in different type that was on the Smallville series. They were independent of the TV episodes.

In the year 2011, Clark Kent of Smartville first made his appearance in at least 18 young adult novels. It was seen in the series that Clark Kent tries to end his life of a usual human being. He finds it difficult to keep the secret from this friends that he is an alien. He has a fluctuating relationship with Lana Lang in the first seven seasons. This is a great article if you would like to learn more. 

In the TV serial Smartville, Clark Kent makes friends with [LuthorCorp] Chief Executive Officer Lex Luthor,  whom he meets after he saves his life. In the show Smallville, the powers of Clark come into existence with time. He is not at all wary of them at the beginning of the show. It was seen in the show that his heat vision and super breath did not come into existence till season two and six.

In the Smallville series, the producers make a decision to strip him down to the very essence of Superman. It enables the audience to view his humanity.