9 Superheroes and Villains With Major Bank

There are things that stayed the same throughout the years, and one of them is the obsession over stories of superheroes, and, well, villains too. The latter cannot be removed out of the picture, because after all, what are superheroes without their nemeses, right?

For generations, stories of these heroes who may seem fantastically larger-than-life, but whose issues can be all too real and relatable have engaged children and stayed with them all the way through adulthood. Admit it, comic-con or no comic-con, some of us have cosplayed way beyond our teen years.

We all have our favorite superheroes and villains. People usually admire them because of their super powers, their looks, fantastic costumes, or their specific traits. There’s another thing to gush about: some of these villains and superheroes usually also have LOTS of money.

Thinking about it, they must really be filthy rich to have cash to spend for their cool gadgets and various missions. Think Tony Stark, for example. As you know, Stark Industries is a successful company that specializes in weapons and various inventions. This is where he gets his dough. His estimated net worth? A staggering $12.4 billion!

Aside from Tony Stark, there are other villains and superheroes that like him, are also super wealthy: Batman, Professor X, Lex Luthor… the list goes on. We know you’re curious if your favorite character made it on the list and how much their net worth is. We got that covered in this infographic.

Get to know these powerful and rich characters in this eye-catching illustration:

9 Superheroes and Villains With Major Bank

Smallville Cast Spotlight: Adrian Holmes

Adrian Holmes is a Canadian actor, born in Wrexham, Wales in 1974. His family moved to Canada in 1978.

In one of his interviews, Adrian stated that he became interested in acting while watching Michael Jackson on TV. Michael clearly had an influence on Adrian’s career direction.

In school, he got the role of Lion in Wizard of Oz, which confirmed his talent for acting as a young child.

After high school, Adrian decided to pursue a nursing career, just in the chance that his acting did not work out. He went to nursing school, likely influenced by the fact that his mother was a nurse.

He worked in a rehab centre and was great in his new working role, but after a year it was a clear that this job was not his true path. He got his first breakthrough role. Working in a rehab hospital showed Adrian that he is lucky to be healthy, and he realized that nothing should be taken for granted. He decided to pursue his acting career because it was his biggest dream.

He took the maiden name of his mother, Holmes and added it as his surname, later explaining that he did it because it sounded better in the acting world.

His real talent was shown in Smallville, where Adrian played the role of Griff, a political operative whom people hired to dig up dirt on opponents He was working for Lex Luthor trying to find out some negative information about Jonathan Kent, who was running for state senate.

His character had found evidence that could take down Jonathan, but [spoiler] later his body was found dead. Adrian had played this role excellently, and fans adored his performance.

Another interesting fact is that Adrian got another role in Smallville, this time as the character of Basquiat. Producers were amazed at Adrian’s talent and had decided to give him another role. After his roles in Smallville, Adrian’s career continued to shine.

He landed a role in popular show Arrow where he played the role of (police) Lieutenant Frank Pike. He appeared in the first three seasons of the show.

Adrian is currently acting in the drama series 19-2, where he has the lead role. This popular show has won many awards. Besides acting, Adrian is the owner of Beyond Measures Production, a small production company in Barbados. He thinks that Barbados is an amazing place for shooting, so he decided to start a company and do some things on his own.

He is proud that he is one of the few successful black actors, and hopes that in the future there will be more interesting roles for men of color. Adrian also appeared in movies like Elysium [2013], co-starring with Matt Damon, and A Christmas Horror Story [2015], and Vendetta [2015].

Adrian continues to go to auditions, convinced that there are many more good role to which he can lend his talent. His work in Smallville and the series 19-2 prove that this Canadian actor is on a road to fame.

The fantastic TV show Smallville that plays on WB network

Smallville is a fantastic American TV series created by producers Alfred Gough and Miles Millar. This show is derived from DC comics character Superman that was developed by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster.

It was shown on October 16th, 2001. The WB and UPN came in sync with each other to construct the CW. Smallville has Clark Kent in the fictional town of Smallville before he is called Superman. The four seasons concentrate on Clark and his friends in high school.

Prior to the production of the series Bruce Wayne that is Batman was put forward but the series did not generate any kind of interest. This was an inspiration for Smallville. Smallville was filmed around the Vancouver area, British Columbia. There were local businesses and buildings replacing Smallville locations.

The music for the first six seasons was composed by Mark Snow who had elements of musical score of John Williams from the Superman film series. Louis Febre who was known to be working with Snow from the start came to be the main composer.

Generally, Smallville was considered to be positive when it started. Christopher Reeve who was an earlier Superman star gave his consent for the series to take place. He had made two of the guest appearances prior to his death.

The pilot episode made a rating record for a WB debut with several viewers. Smallville passed Stargate as the well known American sci-fi series. The series got tremendous appreciation from Emmys to Teen choice awards.

Smallville has a great series of young adult novels, recordings of sound track and merchandise that was associated with the series. There was availability of all the ten seasons. It was in the comic book form with a proper storyline. It came to an end in the year 2015.


Popularity of TV Show Smallville


The TV show Smallville was highly popular on the WB network. There was a great audience for this show on TV. Clark Kent is usually a fictional character on the TV series Smallville. The character of Clark Kent was first made in the comic books that were created by Jerry Siegel in the year 1938. They had the different identity of Superman. It was made in TV in the year 2001 by Alfred Gough.

This is the fourth time the character was taken to the action TV series. The character was played in continuation by Tom Welling. There were other actors also that played Clark as a child. There was existence of character in different type that was on the Smallville series. They were independent of the TV episodes.

In the year 2011, Clark Kent of Smartville first made his appearance in at least 18 young adult novels. It was seen in the series that Clark Kent tries to end his life of a usual human being. He finds it difficult to keep the secret from this friends that he is an alien. He has a fluctuating relationship with Lana Lang in the first seven seasons. This is a great article if you would like to learn more. 

In the TV serial Smartville, Clark Kent makes friends with [LuthorCorp] Chief Executive Officer Lex Luthor,  whom he meets after he saves his life. In the show Smallville, the powers of Clark come into existence with time. He is not at all wary of them at the beginning of the show. It was seen in the show that his heat vision and super breath did not come into existence till season two and six.

In the Smallville series, the producers make a decision to strip him down to the very essence of Superman. It enables the audience to view his humanity.